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About the Author

Stella Stafford lives in an Oxfordshire village but not in Little Wychwell itself as that particular village only exists in her novels. She has an Oxford M.A. although she did not attend either Kings or Coromandel Colleges as these colleges also only exist in her novels and are entirely fictional parts of the University of Oxford. The human characters in her books, however delightful, do not resemble any person that she has ever met, living or dead. However she has been owned by a succession of Yorkshire Terriers and Pippy is real, although fortunately he can't read and thus has never discovered that he has been fictionalised as a female!

Stella Stafford writes

MYSTERY THRILLERS: the Little Wychwell Mysteries (Did Anyone Die?, A Very Quiet Guest, All that Glisters is not Silver, Speak of the Wolf, Some People Go Both Ways, Where the Willows Whisper). The first four are currently available in paperback and on Kindle, Some People Go Both Ways is in the process of publication, Where the Willows Whisper is currently being written.

SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY: The Demeter Chronicles, (Hunting the Thingle and the Battle for Demeter), both available on Kindle.

SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS And Then It and Cherries for Remembrance are available on Kindle

Stella Stafford also writes non-fiction, usually under a different authorial name, but Nature Notes and Musings 2012 by Stella Stafford is available on Kindle.

Stella Stafford is married and has children.

Stella Stafford twitters as @stellastafford

She also has a Facebook Page
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and her novels have a facebook page of their own
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